If you have been unable for any reason to find your Cloverleaf ham, you are at the right place to have that problem solved!

We are an old-fashioned company and do not like asking people to provide us with their personal/financial information which is why you will not see a “normal” check-out page on our website.  That said, here is our process for fulfilling your order for our great Cloverleaf whole hams:

1.  In the “Message” section, pease provide us with the following information:

  • The number of Cloverleaf whole hams you would like to purchase

  • The address you would like your Cloverleaf whole ham(s) shipped

  • When you would like your Cloverleaf whole ham(s) to arrive at the destination

2.  Click the “Send” button and you will receive a confirmation soon thereafter

3.  Send your check to us at Cloverleaf Hams at this address:

          Cloverleaf Hams

          P.O. Box 1509

          New Port Richey, FL 34653

4.  Your order will be processed so as to reach your desired location on or before the date you request….we will need at least one week lead time to meet this time frame

5.  We will send you a tracking number the moment we receive one from FedEx

Cloverleaf Whole Ham


Please fill out the Order Form below.  Note: Please give us your phone number in 10 digits only…no dashes or spaces.  Example…5556667777.  Thank you!

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