Looking back…

In 1906, T L Lay of Knoxville, Tennessee entered the Meat industry when he opened the lay’s Market in what is now called the “Old City”  in Knoxville and eventually opened the Lay’s Meat Packing Plant.

Soon, business began to thrive and the popular Knoxville merchant was able to add a new sign for his business!

An old cut of the original CloverLeaf label.

Later example of the CloverLeaf ham logo and packaging.

Little by little, Lay’s Cloverleaf brand Smoked ham became a popular product, not only in the Knoxville area but spreading out into in the Smoky Mountain states. 

“CloverLeaf” became a Household name across the Smoky Mountain States as generation after generation grew up with the delicious ham ever present on the dinner table especially at Holidays and special occasions.  Ira V. Lay succeeded the very popular T.L. Lay in 1916 and headed the Lay’s CloverLeaf ham growth for the following 30 years.

Now more than 100 years later, discriminating ham lovers can still enjoy the CLOVERLEAF Smoked Ham