Our customers are more like family than customers.  We thought it might be fun to let you see some of the email communications we have from our great customers…’er family!

Dear Ferril, It will be a sad Easter at my home this year. We have had Lays Cloverleaf hams for many years. I have been to the Bi-Lo stores near me about 5 of them and all said we could not get the hams this time. I am hoping that for Christmas or New Years or both maybe we can get that very tasty ham that the family loves so very much. Just a short note to let you know that we miss those wonderful and tasty hams. Please continue to make those and I will continue to look for them. If you know of another store that carries them Please let me know. The Best Ham ever produced.
Thank you ,

Dennis V., Spartanburg, SC

Christmas is just around the corner and I’m in a panic because I’m afraid I won’t be able to find a Cloverleaf ham (I couldn’t find one at Easter and wound up having to throw away the burnt ham I bought as a substitute). I live in South Carolina. Will my local Bi-Lo be able to order one for me? I have been cooking the Cloverleaf for many years.

Peggy B., Boiling Springs, SC

We love your hams…but our BI-LO does not carry them in Martinez, GA.  Where can we find a retail grocery store near our area who carries your brand??

Thank you!!

Cindy M., Cumberland County, GA

Want to have Cloverleaf Ham sent to Alaska for Easter dinner!

Suzanne C., Eagle River, Alaska

I have been to 3 Food City locations in Knoxville to get 2 Cloverleaf hams and all were sold out. The Lay’s Cloverleaf ham has been a staple of my family’s Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners over the past 50 years. Can you  direct me to a store?

Bob B., Powell, TN

I’ve been a meat cutter for over thirty years and a mgr. For over twenty even though my store does not carry this  hams I still go and look til I find them at another store this year I only found them at the Bi-Lo store and they only had a couple so I got lucky and the ham turned out great thanks for response.  I hope to be able to find one for Christmas . I buy them twice a year and look til I find one and don’t know what I will do when I can’t .

Rick F., Tennessee

Years ago when I was growing up my mother would buy our groceries at the local Winn Dixie. On the special occasions of Easter and Christmas, she would buy a Lay’s Three Little Pigs Hand Rubbed Sugar Cured Ham. I think it was a shoulder ham but can not remember that part. She would cook the ham and I tell you what it was like the ham I remember my papa rubbing down and hanging in the smokehouse when I was just a toddler. She always told me that this was the best ham she had ever bought and when I got married and started doing the holiday cooking that I should buy this one. That is exactly what my husband and I did. Then our Winn Dixie went out of business. Our local Ingles carried these hams for 2-3 years. I went to buy my ham and there was none. I went to several Ingles and there were none. I finally went to the local Bilo and still could not find a ham that I wanted to buy. I was heartbroken as we had been cooking this ham for years in my family. I finally asked the manager in the meat department at Ingles and he told me the company went out of business. I told him I didn’t understand why because the ham was awesome. We went 2 states over to try and find a ham to no avail. So the last few years I seen a ham with Lay’s on the label at Bilo. I would pick it up then put it down. The label said Lay’s Cloverleaf so that was not exactly like what I was used to. This past year we finally bought one. I was going to cook it at Christmas but lost my mama on the 9th of December so I cooked it for New Years. When we bought the other ham my husband would rub it down with brown sugar and place sliced pineapple and stick them with cloves to hold in place, pour the juice over it  and cover it with foil and cook on very low heat all night. That is how I cooked this one, on 200 degrees for roughly 6 hours. It was absolutely delicious. It was not quite like the other ham but I would put it next in line and I know my mama would have liked it. I will be buying the Lay’s Cloverleaf Ham from now on.



Yavonne S., South Carolina

My fiancé keeps talking about your ham. He said they are the best he has ever had, but he hasn’t had one in years. I was disappointed to see there are no stores anywhere close to me. Can I order one?

Jessica B., Jackson, KY

We hope to be adding letters that we receive up to Christmas, 2018.  If you have a history with Cloverleaf Brand Hams, we hope that you will send us your experiences so we can include them along with the many that we are so fortunate to have received.

Email us at Ferril@MHFds.com we would  love to hear from you.  Happy Thanksgiving!